What Barry Manilow’s “Please Don’t Be Scared” means to me!

It’s certainly not news that the music of Barry Manilow has been an inspiration to me for five years. But every so often, even after having heard a song dozens of times, my head or perhaps it’s my heart, leads me to a place that allows the lyrics to create a profound need for reflection and soul searching.

Such was the case today when I listened to Barry sing “Please don’t be Scared” (Mindy Sterling) the lyrics that struck me are; “The parties and the lights fade to memories in the still of the night. And you wonder in your mind If there’s nothing left to show for all the time. ‘Cause feeling pains a hard way to know you’re still alive, but someday, someone will make you glad you survived”

Those words make me realize that in spite of how much fun a glittery, make believe, “Cinderella” life, filled with dress up clothes and high heels might be. What really matters is the simple things; a sunrise, a starry sky, quiet days to just be, laughter, respect and mutual admiration that comes from deep within.

As I evolve, each day coming closer to the person I want to be, when all is said and done, I know without doubt, no matter what I might encounter or accomplish, all I really want is a life with the basic foundation of unmasked reality, honest communication, empathy and unconditional love to share with someone for it’s own sake.

The rest is merely icing on the glorious cake of the life we’re blessed with. And if we’re lucky, “someday, someone will make us glad we survived”!

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